Lender Support

Comprehensive, yet flexible support that you determine

Our turnkey approach to reinsurance administration requires very little support by the lender and reinsurer for the daily operation of the reinsurance company.

Full service to the company.

Typically, the lender provides the same information to the fronting company that it would to a regular credit insurance company. New policies and premiums are sent on a regular basis for processing by the fronting company staff. There the new business is checked for accuracy and completeness before being added to the policy database.

Managment by the owners

The reinsurance company is relieved of operational responsibility by the service from Earl R. Whaley & Company. The officers and directors of the reinsurance company retain managerial input and control. All service provided by the fronting company and Earl R. Whaley & Company are optional at the directive of the owners of the reinsurance company.

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